OMG! I am soooo super excited right now! Look what just arrived in the post today...


These are the latest additions to my client closet - a specially curated set of dresses for mums and mums-to-be for their family portraits. These beautiful dresses have come all the way from the US and they are truly gorgeous.

But hang on a minute...

...this is just one dress!

What a piece of design genius - we can style it in so many different ways so it can be fitted to perfectly suit you.

Love your new post-partum boobs? A nice deep v-neck crossover will show off that amazing cleavage.

Or perhaps you are a little overwhelmed and would prefer to cover up a little? We can add a bandana wrap to tame them.


And there's more! If you prefer a natural earthy tone, we also have it in this gorgeous olive green:


'But, Jackie', I hear you cry. 'It looks great on that skinny mannequin, what about my post partum mum-tum?'

Don't worry! I have tried the dresses on my fully curvacious, plus-size, real mum bod, and they look and feel fantastic!

The material is a heavy-weight stretch fabric, so the skirt falls beautifully, skimming our mum-tums and with the customisable top I will make sure the fit is perfect for you.

I can't wait to see you in one!

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